An Analogy

“Sustainability is like teenage sex. Everybody says they’re doing it; very few people actually are doing it. Those that are doing it are doing it badly.”

The above quote is attributed to Australian architect Andrew Maynard, though he admits he did not come up with it. It seems the original quote is difficult to cite. It is funny, and somewhat accurate, though I like to think we are currently moving into an era of sustainability that is more akin to mid-20s sex. It’s not really a big deal anymore; it’s kind of expected. And once you’re used to doing it, you really don’t want to live without it — it just becomes a natural function of your existence.

Then there’s the exciting 30’s sex where things get really radical. The things that were cutting it before just won’t do anymore. No, we need to get into the freaky stuff that doesn’t even seem like it makes sense. Everybody will have their own kink. There will be special weekend retreats for people to swap sustainability secrets.

I truly hope that’s where the analogy ends and we don’t get to the point of old people sex: where doing it is just a chore and not worth your time; where we embrace our mortality and our futility and call it a day without even kissing each other goodnight.




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